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Hello, I'm Silvia Conley. I live in Omaha and have had a lifelong love for table games. My first introduction to American Mahjong was when a friend invited me to take lessons eight years ago. I enjoyed the challenge of putting together a hand and the camaraderie of playing with others. 

Now, I've taught more than 350 people. As a former high school and preschool teacher, I'm able to adapt my lessons for all students with different styles of learning while also making the game relatable. Come join the fun! 


My Services


Lessons at my home

• Your group comes to me, at my condo in downtown Omaha or lake home south of Papillion.

• Total Cost: $60 per person.

• You get four lessons, each lesson lasts three hours.

• Make-up lessons, either in person or online, cost an additional $15 per person.

• Group size: Any number from four to 12 people. (Suggested size: six).

• Each student must purchase their own current National Mah Jongg League Card. 


Lessons at your location

• I drive to your chosen location within the Omaha metro area. 

• Total Cost: $65 per person.

• You get four lessons, each lesson lasts three hours.

• Make-up lessons for individuals cost an additional $15 per person, available online only.

• Group size: Any number from four to 12 people. (Suggested size: six).

• Each student must purchase their own current National Mah Jongg League Card. 


One-on-one lessons online

• I teach via a video call while we use an online app & website

• Cost: $30 per person.

• You get six hours of instruction & will learn the basic four-person game.

• You must purchase your own current National Mahjong League card and download the "Real Mah Jongg" app, which requires a paid subscription after a 14-day free trial. 


Other board

game lessons

• I can teach other, non-Mahjong, tabletop and board games to you and your family or friends. 

• You can come to my place or I will go to your location to teach at least two games, as time allows. 

• Lesson lasts for two hours. 

• Cost: $40 per session for the whole group. 

• I will bring a selection of games for the group to choose from to learn to play.

Group size: Any number from two to eight people.

Patty L.

"The days I look forward to most are Mahjong days with friends, thanks to Silvia."  

JoAnn G.

"Our group is so happy we took Mahjong lessons with Silvia. She taught us to play in a systematic, logical way that made sense to all of us. We had such a fun time, we still play regularly and often quote the processes Silvia taught us."

Stacey P.

"If you want to learn Mahjong, Silvia is the best! I did my first lesson via Facetime and then my next two-three in person. She is the best at teaching this!" 

Jordana G.

“Silvia makes a complex game simple. She goes above and beyond, and even after lessons she'll keep in contact with students to answer questions.”

Debbie F.

"Silvia is a fantastic teacher!! Very methodical, organized and patient. So much fun to learn Mahjong with Silvia!"

Samantha R.

"Silvia is a wonderful and patient teacher! She makes the process of learning Mahjong so much fun. I was hooked after my first lesson."

Diane W. 

"A group of friends took Mahjong lessons with Silvia. 
We enjoy getting together a couple of hours a week to play Mahjong. Good for the brain and the soul."

Sue B.

"Each intermediate class had a different focus to become a better player. Silvia personalizes instruction and sets up a relaxed atmosphere." 

Mary Beth L.

"Silvia is a fantastic teacher! She has a clear, concise, methodical approach to the amazing game of Mahjong. I had a ball!"

Availability (Days with dots are open)

Click on days with dots to see times that are open. Then text Silvia the 4 dates/times that work for your group. Lesson times may be adjusted to fit your schedule. (Ex: 1-4 p.m. could be adjusted to 12-3 p.m.) Dates go fast! Text 402-630-1150 to save for your group.

What will you learn?


Lesson 1: Learn to identify the tiles, practice good Mahjong habits, navigate the Mahjong card. 

Lesson 2: How to set up a game, deal, learn the Charleston, analyze your tiles. 

Lesson 3: Practice play, look at various apps to help your game, learn how to play solitaire Mahjong ​and with three people, review Mahjong terms and rules. 

Lesson 4: More practice play, learn how to play Siamese Mahjong (for two or four people). 


Refresher classes for any level always available, custom made for your group's needs! 



Where do I get my card?

You can get the current card directly from the National Mah Jongg League here: ( Many cards purchased on Amazon have been counterfeit and are not playable. New cards come out annually in April. A favorite website for lots of Mahjong products is

What’s the app I have to use?

The website/app I use during online lessons is Real Mah Jongg ( I also show it at lessons because it is a nice app where you can practice the game by yourself against computer bots or with friends and family that are not at your home. There is a monthly subscription after a 14-day free trial and you can cancel anytime.

Does Mahjong require math?

No. (I used to be an English teacher. Math was not my favorite subject.) Many people who play Bridge come to me to learn Mahjong. Some people say elements of Mahjong remind them of certain card games. 

Do I need a set of tiles to play?

I have everything you need to learn to play the game. Once you finish lessons, only one member of your group will need to have a set of tiles, racks, and dice. Make sure you purchase a set that allows you to play American Mahjong. Chinese/Japanese sets are a bit different. A favorite website for lots of Mahjong products is


What is the difference between Chinese and American Mahjong?

Different countries play Mahjong a bit differently. For example, American Mahjong uses racks, a card, jokers and flowers. Chinese Mahjong does not. That’s why if you buy a Chinese set, you will not have all you need to play the American version, which is what I teach. 

What ages do you suggest?

I think I could teach a smart 8-year-old who likes to play games how to play adult Mahjong, but it would be challenging for them. My 4-year-old granddaughter knows all the tiles, set up and basic play but we have not used a card yet. Soon, when the time is right, I have special Mahjong cards for kids that have simple and fewer hands. Now we play "first to make seven pairs." Mahjong can be challenging for adults but practice and having a good teacher make it fun! My oldest student was in her 90s.

What do I need to bring to lessons?

Your National Mah Jongg League card for the current year. But I will have cards available to use during lessons if yours has not arrived yet. Students may also bring a water bottle but eating food during play is not polite. 


How often should we schedule lessons?

Usually groups schedule lessons once a week but sometimes that is not possible. Skipping a week or going on different days can be worked out. After taking the initial four 3-hour lessons, some groups pay for added lessons so I can continue to monitor play and answer strategy questions until all feel comfortable.

How often should we play after our lessons?

Many groups schedule a weekly play time but not every person can attend every week. That is okay. At a minimum a person should try to play once a month to remember the game. If some groups haven’t played for several months, I offer a refresher lesson so groups can feel confident they are playing correctly.  

What kind of additional lessons do you offer?

After the initial beginners classes, I offer intermediate lessons, a refresher course, or practice play with individuals online who might want specialized help.

Do you accept tips?  

Tips are greatly appreciated at the end of our lessons sessions if you feel I have done a great job. 

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